Car Loan Requirements for People with Bad Credit

Having a good credit history is essential if you want to apply for a car loan. However, if you are a person with bad credit do not panic, there are car loan options for you. Many dealerships, banks and credit unions have specialized financial packages and programs for people with bad credit. These following requirements…

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Do’s and Don’t of buying a car as a new driver

Buying a Car as a new driver The Do’s and Dont’s and what to consider. I remember the day when I passed my driving exam; I was sitting in my friend’s car in complete shock and excitement. I was so happy that I felt like it was too good to be true, I truly thought…

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Starting Over Rebuilding your Credit

When your credit has reached a point of “beyond repair” and filing for bankruptcy is your only alternative, do not despair. Bankruptcy gives you a new opportunity to get it right the second time around. One concern for many individuals contemplating bankruptcy is the effect on their credit rating. Bankruptcy will bring a person’s credit…

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