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Using our vast network of resources and trusted Auto Dealers all across Canada, we have thousands of New and Used Vehicles in Stock available for immediate delivery.

Other Auto financing companies and banks might only offer only loan services without assisting you in the car buying process. This can be a major problem for people who are unsure of the car they want or if they will be even be approved for it. Auto Loans Canada is different because we offer the Find Me A Car option, which a simple solution to your vehicle search. Using this helpful tool allows us to help you every step of the way with your buying and financing process.

Other financing companies and lenders will have you do all the work by expecting you to find a vehicle that meets their narrow lending requirements. And depending on your credit rating and payment history you may be rejected, thus forcing you to look for another car with limited options. This not only costs you frustration and disappointment, it may force you to settle for a vehicle you’re not happy, only to meet the lenders requirements. Other lenders view people with unique or less than perfect credit as if you are working for them, which is to say they don’t have to.

We at Auto Loans Canada have the opposite viewpoint, our motto is, “We Work For You”. This translates to; We work hard to getting you approved for the best loan as well as the means and resources to buy. This saves you time, and frustrations of having to visit different banks, lenders, and auto dealers which may offer only a limited variety of vehicles or none at all. Find Me A Car option will help to ease the stress of shopping around, have a look at just some of the benefits it offers.

Why should you use Find Me A Car for Auto Loan?

  • Fill out the Find me a Car form and receive a personal consultation of vehicles based on your buying needs and budget
  • Allows you to view a catalog of thousands of vehicles all across Canada
  • View vehicles of any makes and models and year
  • View thousands of used and New vehicles
  • Customize your search based on your vehicle preferences
  • Custom search for vehicles based on your location preferences (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa etc)
  • View hundreds of new and used auto dealers all across Canada
  • View vehicle Information, price, picture gallery, specifications, and its location
  • Can be used to find vehicles for financing, and outright buying
  • One stop shop auto mall saves you time and the hassles of going dealer to dealer

Our network of trusted dealers across Canada allows you to choose from a wide variety of vehicles, making it easier for you to find the perfect car along with the Best Auto Loan Rates.

However, some customer needs are very specific and cannot find their ideal car, in this case, we will shop around to help accommodate your choice of vehicle. All you have to do is put your trust in us to ge you a car you can be proud of.

Need help with your vehicle search and want to pre-qualify for your auto loan?

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Find Me A Car
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